Results Coaching System is part of a global consulting network NeuroLeadership Group focused on developing human performance.


NeuroLeadership is field that connect neuroscience knowledge with leadership development, management training, change management, counsulting and coaching.


NeuroLeadership explores how the processes in the human brain affect behavior in the workplace. It studies leadership and management from the perspective of what happens in the brain.


Modern managers and leaders are inherently rational people. NeuroLeadership offers them a rational scientific knowledge to explain many hidden processes happening in the workplace and in everyday life.


NeuroLeadership focuses on how individuals in social environment:


►make decisions and solve problems,


►manage their emotions,


cooperate with others and influence them,


►help to change


In terms of leadership NeuroLeadership deals with these key elements as:




►Birth of ideas and thoughts ("Aha" moments)


►Engagement, motivation


►Trust, feedback


►Teams and their dynamics


►Awareness and understanding others


►Decision Making, influencing others